BHARAT deliver a wide range of products for various industry based on readily available approved/proven components. Our integrated and standalone system solutions are customised to suit the specifications and requirements & comply to all international standards.

Our in house engineered and built systems cover the following:

  • LV Switchboards up to 690VAC
  • Auto Main Failure panels
  • Auto load synchronization, load sharing & Power management system panel
  • Power control centre
  • Motor control centres
  • soft starters
  • Variable Frequency Drive starter panels
  • Main & Sub Distribution boards
  • Metering panels.
  • PLC based control system
  • Integrated monitoring & control system.
  • process control system.


  • Single Line Drawings
  • Front and Rear Access
  • Short Circuit Calculations (if applicable)
  • Bottom or Top Cable Entry
  • Load Analysis (if applicable)
  • Standard construction - Form 4 A (as per specification)
  • Class approvals (Applicable only for marine switch boards)
  • Multiple Shipping Sections.
  • Standard IP 22 (higher Ingress protection as per application)
  • Short Delivery time.
Auto Main Failure Panels

Auto Main Failure Panels

  • DG Start automatically when the Transformer power fails
  • Close DG breaker when the set voltage/frequency reached after verifying the Transformer breaker open
  • If the Transformer supply re-stores, open the DG breaker and close the Transformer breaker and continue operation.
  • Comply with the standard ‘Kerala Inspectorate’
  • Well proven controller from the family of ‘DEIF’
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Main Switch Board with Power Management System

Main Switch Board with Power Management System

  • Microprocessor based controllers for each generator, Transformers & Bus Couplers
  • Intelligent controllers using redundant communication.
  • Open for all operators to adjust the parameters within the safe limit.
  • Multi-master concept of operation. If any one of the controllers fails, respective incomer considers as blocked and continue the operation.
  • AMF, AMF with back synchronization, auto standby selection, load depended on the start/stop operation, etc.
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  • AMF Panels
  • Auto Synchronization, Load Sharing & Power Management System
  • ATS Panels
  • Metering Panels
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  • PCC & Distribution Boards
  • Motor Control Centre
  • Variable Frequency Drive Panel
  • Soft Starter Panels
  • DOL & Star Delta Starters
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